Arizona Fall League Uniforms

afl_rsardpq5_oyouytpm1Since the players of Arizona Fall League teams wear the respected uniforms of the organization that they play for, AFL teams don’t have their own team uniform. I took it upon myself to mockup what AFL unis might look like. 

(Click pictures to enlarge)

Glendale Desert Dogs
The Desert Dogs have a simple look, but have a big wordmark. Dominantly black, with yellow as a secondary color.
Desert Dogs logo Desert Dogs home Desert Dogs away Desert Dogs alt

Mesa Solar Sox
The Solar Sox go with pinstripes, with red and black sharing the dominance. I felt a bit bad about keeping the hat the exact same as the actual hats that the Solar Sox wear, but I think that fits this uniform the best.
Solar Sox logo Solar Sox home Solar Sox away Solar Sox altPeoria Javelinas
The Javelinas will use silver as their dominant color in their home uniforms, which is a pretty rare thing. They’ve got a pretty modern look. (The black lines on the hat is just supposed to be stitching. There is no piping on the hat.)
Javelinas logo Javelinas home Javelinas away Javelinas altSalt River Rafters
The Rafters look a bit like the Atlanta Braves, which was not intentional as I realized the similarity after I finished. Their black alternates are one of my favorites.
Rafters logo Rafters home Rafters away Rafters altScottsdale Scorpions
The Scorpions have my favorite look of the six AFL teams. It’s a modern look, but stays simple.

Scorpions logo Scorpions home Scorpions away Scorpions altSurprise Saguaros
The Saguaros have my favorite color combination. I think maroon and orange fits an Arizona team well.
Sags logo Sags home Sags away Sags alt



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